Adventures – Can we make our own adventure? – Yes, let us help you, as long as it is low impact and involves our activities.
Availability – Are tours available on a certain date? – We will always run tours if there are enough people (> 4 pax) and you have booked.  Turning up at our launch point when all guides and kayaks are utilized and demanding to go out, doesn’t work with us.  Weekends are most popular so plan in advance and book. 
Birds – Will I see any birds? – Most likely but these too, cannot be booked.
Booking – Do I need to book?  Yes.
Bring – What should I bring? Clothes (see clothing below, hat (sun), sunglasses, suncream, shoes (see below), a towel (you will get wet), 1 litre of water, cash, yourself and some friends).
Camera – Will my camera get wet?   Yes, most likely.  Bring a waterproof camera, alternatively we can sell you a drybag for your camera… use at your risk.
Camping – we do camping as part of our overnighters and longer tours.
Cancellation Policy – see terms and conditions
If Noukhada cancels the tour (normally because of weather) then the client has two options: Full refund of deposit; or
No refund and reschedule for another day.
Children – Can I bring my children?   The tour is not suitable for 10 year old or less children.
Children’s prices – Who are 101years or older pay adult price.
ClothingWhat should I wear?  Bring beach wear/swimming kit and a change of clothes and a towel for after the tour.  See shoes below. Protect yourself from the sun with a hat and sun screen. You will get wet. Long flowing clothing and flowing headcovers are not appropriate kayaking clothing and, in winds greater than 13 knots, we will not let you out on the water with us, for safety reasons.
Deposit – How do I secure a place? – Book online.
Discount – Will I get a discount? What Noukhada offers is recognised as great value for money.  
Dolphins – Will we see dolphins? Unlikely.
Fish – Will I see fish?   Hopefully yes, but we cannot book them.
Guide Shirts – The guide shirts are great, can I buy one? The Noukhada guide shirts are not for sale, sorry!  You have to have been a guide a while to earn one of these.  
Kayaks – what kayaks do you use? We use sit on top kayaks for most of our tours.  Please see our Facebook page for photos.
Kayaks – do you sell used kayaks? Yes.  Once a year we renew our fleet.  However, this year (2014) our old fleet kayaks will be moving to our new, overseas location.
Kayaks – can I bring my own kayak on one of your kayak tours? Would you ask a restaurant if you could bring your own food? It’s a very cheeky question.  Our answer is yes, but you will pay the full price.  No discounts will apply.
Length of tour – How long will it take?   Please see the description of our adventures but normally 2 hours.
Lifejacket – see PFD.
Mobile phone – Will my mobile phone get wet?   Why are you bringing a mobile phone?!   Leave it in the car and come and relax.   However, if you must, see answer to cameras above.
Noukhada – What does “Noukhada” mean?  – It is Arabic and Persian for the Captain or senior navigator of a ship.
Paddling – Do we paddle ourselves? – Yes!
PFD – Do I have to wear a lifejacket/ PFD?  Yes.  Whether you are on a tour or renting we require you to wear this essentail safety device at all times whilst on the water.
see Prices –  Do you have a list of prices? – No, but each description of a tour or adventure has a price on this website.
Operating days – We operate 363 days a year (except leap years!).  The only days that we are not operating are 25 Dec and 1 Jan every year.
Pregnancy – For the safety of you and your baby we need guests to acknowledge any ladies that are pregnant in their group and how many months along they are.  We will not allow ladies more than 6 months out with us on a tour.
Rental – Can I rent kayaks? – Not yet.
Shoes – What shoes should I wear?   You need shoes that you can walk in water with (old trainers/ beach shoes).   You need to protect your feet when you walk on rocks on a beach or in the mangroves. Flip flops and thongs do not stay on your feet.   To date, our only injuries are cut feet, so protect them.
Taxi – If you are coming by taxi, please let them know that they should take you:    a) to the meeting place, b) from the meeting place to the launch point, and c) come and collect you from the launch point for the return trip home.
T Shirts – for sale
Toilets – there are no facilities at E48 launch point, there are at the Yas Beach launch point.

Transport – We do not provide transport.

Waiting – How long do we wait for people at the meeting place? As a courtesy we normally wait until all guests have arrived so, for example,  if we say meet at 09.00hrs we generally leave the meeting point by 09.15hrs.
Water – Do I need water? – Yes, bring at least 1 litre of water to drink- (More for longer tours or during hotter periods).
When – When are the tours? – We run tours everyday except Sunday and Monday when we need time to recover, clean and inspect the equipment and provide staff training.  Please see the calendar.
Wildlife – what wildlife will I see?  See photos http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=136487336422340
Wind – Is it too windy?  We work to a wind safety table and the key points are that flowing clothing will not be allowed if the wind is stronger than 13 knots.  Above 15 knots and we will put beginner paddlers in doubles (not singles) and send paddlers back to shore who cannot make it to safety marks.  It is better to be safe than sorry.
more to follow…