Team building

Come and use the backdrop of The Danube and Budapest to help build your team.  For the summer of 2016 we will run mainly the “Budapest by kayak” tour but, in the future, any of our tours can be used as an experiential team building or employee engagement exercise for businesses or social groups.   

Kayaking The Danube to help build and strengthen the rapport amongst your team is a unique experiential activity that your employees will talk about for months and your company will benefit from, for years.

These Team-Building Retreats offer a fresh and unique approach to fundamental team development. They have Employee Engagement at their core and our Team-Building facilitators provide various activities to ensure everyone’s involvement. The inclusion of achievable challenges and having people step a little into adventure and outside their comfort zone, is the key to making any kind of engagement breakthrough. Gone are the days of conducting teambuilding courses within four walls of a 5 star hotel. Say hello to Team Adventure.

Your retreat can be fully customized to ensure a full return on your companys investment. After consultations and full support from our experienced experiential Team Building Consultants, we look to incorporate and fully refresh aspects of:

  • Team communication,
  • Motivation,
  • Team camaraderie
  • Team rapport
  • Conflict resolution
  • Creativity and problem resolution
  • Corporate values and vision
  • Commitment, passion and a one team ethos

These customized tours will include achievable challenges. The inclusion of specific activities hinge upon the outcome requirements your organization wishes to build upon.

Overnighter Our camping overnighter provides you the unique opportunity to get back to nature and develop a deeper understanding and respect toward one’s colleagues. 

Numbers.  In the summer of 2016 safety and kayak resource reasons preclude us from accommodating (usually) more than 8 people on the water at anytime but we can facilitate land based activities in parallel or in series.

Do something unique, novel and a little adventurous for your future team building excursions. Call our office now, talk to our consultant(s) and prepare to join us on the water!



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